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Si avvisa che saremo chiusi dal 24 ottobre al 1 dicembre compreso. 

Bar 7h30 alle 22h00.
Ristorante 12h00-14h00  e 19h00-21h00.
Negozio Alimentari 7h30-12h00 e dalle 15h30-19h00
Pizzeria 19h00-21h00.
Rimaniamo aperti anche con i servizi d'asporto.

Thanks Kenni and Heidi for your beatiful video. See there travel on bike from Danemark on

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Camping Lax Lexert
Camping, restaurant and bar

Bionaz - Valpelline
Aosta Valley

Phone.: +39 0165 730109


The camping

The Lac Lexert Campsite is situated near the little lake of the same name at around 1600m above sea level. Itís a perfect place to spend a holiday in the high mountains with a camper, caravan or tent. Itís ideal for those looking for relaxation and tranquillity or for mountain sports enthusiasts. A true oasis of peace in the heart of the Valpelline (one of the off-shoot valleys of the Aosta Valley). Suitable for all, families, the elderly, young people and sports fans, the Lac Lexert Campsite is well-equipped to ensure that you have an unforgettable holiday.
Lots of sports activities and fun at the campsite and in the immediate vicinity. The campsite area and the Lexert Lake afford fun and relaxation for one and all.
In order to better familiarize with the campsite we advise you to take a look at the map the map, thank you.

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