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Si avvisa che saremo chiusi dal 24 ottobre al 1 dicembre compreso. 

Bar 7h30 alle 22h00.
Ristorante 12h00-14h00  e 19h00-21h00.
Negozio Alimentari 7h30-12h00 e dalle 15h30-19h00
Pizzeria 19h00-21h00.
Rimaniamo aperti anche con i servizi d'asporto.

Thanks Kenni and Heidi for your beatiful video. See there travel on bike from Danemark on

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Camping Lax Lexert
Camping, restaurant and bar

Bionaz - Valpelline
Aosta Valley

Phone.: +39 0165 730109


The restaurant

At our restaurant you can relish the typical cuisine of the Aosta Valley - traditional dishes expertly prepared with typical Valdaostan products. Ever present on the menu are meat dishes such as “camoscio in civé” (chamois deer stew), cheese dishes with Fontina cheese like the Valdaostan fondue; “polenta concia” (savoury yellow maize pudding with Fontina cheese topping), not to mention the famous "Seupa à la Valpellinenze" (soup of the Valpelline) made using the original ancient recipe. At the Lac Lexert restaurant you will enjoy the unique flavours of our Alpine cuisine and discover the typical cheeses and salamis of the Aosta Valley.
A vast choice of renowned regional, national and international wines are available to accompany your meals which will be served, as always, with the typical hospitality of these splendid high mountain areas.

We look forward to having you at our restaurant and would be grateful for bookings.
Buon appetito.