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Si avvisa che saremo chiusi dal 24 ottobre al 1 dicembre compreso. 

Bar 7h30 alle 22h00.
Ristorante 12h00-14h00  e 19h00-21h00.
Negozio Alimentari 7h30-12h00 e dalle 15h30-19h00
Pizzeria 19h00-21h00.
Rimaniamo aperti anche con i servizi d'asporto.

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Camping Lax Lexert
Camping, restaurant and bar

Bionaz - Valpelline
Aosta Valley

Phone.: +39 0165 730109


Camping Lac Lexert

Amidst the greenery of the larch and pine woods that surround Lake Lexert, the Olympic biathlon athlete, Patrick Favre, has set up a campsite with bar and restaurant, accessible also to the disabled.
In summer, tents and caravans can be parked along the shores of the lake around which children can play or go picking blueberries, raspberries, mushrooms etc., whilst their parents are sunbathing, playing a game of bowls or simply enjoying the healthy mountain air.
In winter the cross-country ski circuit passes right in front of the site; all you need to do is to don your skis and take off!!
The restaurant proposes dishes of local tradition, using fontina cheese from the mountain meadows. Bionaz is all about nature: having the highest mountains of the Valpelline, the most spectacular glaciers, one of the biggest dams in Europe and flora and fauna worthy of a national park. For those who love the real mountain environment in all itís particulars, Bionaz, situated in the heart of the Pennine Alps, is a destination not to be missed. Your choice, therefore, will be dictated exclusively by the time of year, the excursions, the activities and the places to explore that you have in mind.